Olivia is on the June ballot

The filing is complete for my re-election bid. I have many ideas for sharing information on this site - stay tuned for new content. For now, I will focus on the basics, including My Official Candidate Statement : As a lifelong member of the Tri-Valley community and proud alumna of our local schools, it is an honor to serve as your Zone 7 Director. When you elected me to my first term in 2018, I promised to analyze water rates and ask tough questions about how Zone 7 spends our money. I delivered on my promise when I voted NO to increasing residential and commercial rates. I also re-worked agricultural rates in a transparent, public process. My Board colleagues selected me to serve as President and Vice-President because I am a collaborative and trustworthy team player. As a UCLA-educated mathematician and MBA with over 20 years of professional experience in the science and technology industries, I bring to the Board real-world knowledge that is critical when evaluating construction pro

Hometown Water: The Lifeline of Pleasanton

  Summer 2020 was a busy time for producing content. I am incredibly proud of the Hometown Water: The Lifeline of Pleasanton documentary created by the college and high school interns at Go Green Initiative . The goal of this documentary was to explore the past, present, and future of water in Pleasanton. This past week, on April 21, 2022, we held the official in-person screening of the film at the Firehouse Arts Center. Pleasanton's Museum on Main and our local Tri-Valley Television  are excellent partners for this project. The Museum helped with the history research and interviews - if you watch the film, you will see the Museum's curator Ken MacLennan featured. In 2014 he published a book about the history of Pleasanton , and I have heard him describe how one of the main throughlines of Pleasanton's history is water. In fact, the Museum on Main had a special Smithsonian exhibit Water/Ways , during the summer of 2020, and you can watch Ken's entire presentation and

Olivia featured in Sites Reservoir Project video

  In August 2020, the Sites Reservoir Project asked me to film a video. Since we were in the middle of coronavirus pandemic uncertainty, the best option was to film the video myself using my phone. I decided to film the video from my favorite place, the Centennial Trail, next to the Arroyo Del Valle in Downtown Pleasanton. In fact, the photo I am using for this campaign site is a selfie from when I filmed this video. More recently, at the January 19, 2022, Zone 7 Board of Directors Meeting, the Board unanimously voted to support the Third Amendment to the Sites Reservoir Project, moving forward on the generational opportunity to participate in the construction of a multi-benefit water storage project. Zone 7's participation will be for 10,000 acre-feet of water per year and Zone 7 will contribute approximately $4 million over the next three years.  I support the Sites Reservoir Project because it is designed to capture stormwater and more specifically take advantage of the recent